Sunday, June 13, 2010

Blog Post # 1.

One of the biggest reasons I've never started a blog (12-year-old LiveJournal accounts don't count.) is I've dreaded the first post. I'm afraid it has to sum up my life to this point, like it's a fifth book in a series where the books are just now getting public notice. So the author has to include this bit at the beginning of the book that surmises the last four books. Oh, the pressure!

Well I, for one, refuse. Mostly because I really just don't want to. If you have questions, you cant ask.

However, I will include a few bits of information that will likely (or definitely) come up in later posts.
#1. My boyfriend. His name is Mike, and yes, it's serious. We met at school.
#2. I just finished a CNA class, so I'm looking for a job in a nursing home, hospital, or the like.
#3. My sister is HUGE. Not in a wide way, just in a she's-five-foot-nine-and-only-fourteen-years-old way. It's ridiculous.

Well that about does it.

The end.

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